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  • What type of Company is SIG 9 Global?
    SIG 9 Global is a Florida organization owned by Steve Cady, Jessica Cady, and Jim Fondo. SIG 9 Global, is a licensed and insured full-service Security and Investigative Agency that is committed to providing the most professional and strategic services.
  • Where is SIG 9 Global Headquarters located?
    Our base Headquarters is located at 1717 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.
  • Why should I apply at SIG 9 Global and want to join your team?
    There are many reasons to join our Team. A few reasons are that we are pro-employee, and we create a stable permanent work environment for our Team. We are transparent and put everything in writing and you will always be given true and accurate information to make the best decision for your needs and preferences. We do not bait and switch, we post all our descriptions, permanent schedules and payrates in our job advertisements. We send you your employment offer in writing prior to your training and starting your position so there are no confusions or misinterpretations. We provide and promote exceptional leadership and a strategic management plan that keeps our working environments and practices respectful and in order. Our Management Teams are skilled and respectful and are there to service our Team Members with support, mentorship which promote successful outcomes. We pay some of the highest wages in the South Florida private sector security industry for the skill level positions we offer. We offer comprehensive benefits to full-time employees that have been with our company for six months or longer. We offer complimentary services to our good-standing team members that include financial services, developmental services, trainings, sponsorships that no other security company offers (or if they do they charge the employee). Team Members that pass 90-day probation and are in good standing (defined in New Hire Documents) with SIG 9 Global will never be charged for uniforms or footwear - so no deductions on your checks ever if good standing! Our Team Members represent SIG 9 Global, so it is our Company Culture and responsibility to fairly and properly represent the very people that wear our Insignia and represent SIG 9 Global.
  • What does SIG 9 Global look for in a potential Team Member?
    Each position is carefully reviewed to understand what skills and requirements the future Team Member will need to possess to be successful within that position. In addition to those position specifications, all Team Members of SIG 9 Global should want to have a balanced employer and employee business relationship that includes adopting and adhering to our Mission Statement: We, at SIG 9 Global believe that when we continuously develop as a team and strive to be better every day through listening, learning and the application of empirical and logical information, then we will be prepared to confidently deliver effective and accurate results. We build as a team, creating a solid foundation with constant support, leadership, and resources to adopt and exercise the importance of producing the highest quality service for those that trust SIG 9 Global.
  • How much does SIG 9 Global pay?
    Each position with SIG 9 Global is assess based on the scope of work, skills/requirements for the position and the volume and used to create the rate using the SIG 9 Global-Client Bill Rate Formula. We also perform monthly workforce supply and demand analysis for similar/same positions and locations, what our competitors are paying and strive to exceed those wages for our Team Members. All positions that are advertised transparently list the rate of pay, schedules, location, and position. We want applicants to be able to see all the information of the position as their choice to apply indicates this position meets our applicants needs and criteria.
  • How do I apply for a position for SIG 9 Global?
    You can apply online and submit your info to begin the process, you can apply through the platforms we use to advertise our positions (mainly Indeed, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter). You can also contact the office and inquire by email or phone. or 954-774-1117
  • Can I walk in without an appointment to the SIG 9 Global Headquarters to apply for a position?
    Unfortunately, no. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we modified our applicant and application process therefore applicants cannot walk in to apply. If an applicant wishes to apply in person, they must call the office to arrange an appointment. Office line is 954-774-1117
  • Do I need a Security License to apply for a position at SIG 9 Global?
    You do not need a Security License to apply but it is highly encouraged to already possess a Valid Florida State D or G Security License as it will be required to obtain employment. You will not be offered employment until this License requirement is fulfilled.
  • Does SIG 9 Global sponsor applicant for Class D or G Licensure?
    We do sponsor select candidates for Licensure of D and G licensing. Pertaining to the G Licensure, there are multiple requirements that must be satisfied to have SIG 9 Global sponsorship and one of those is that is must be that the person is a current good-standing SIG 9 Global Employee. We do not sponsor G Licensure for individuals that we have not had the opportunity to know and work with for a set period of time.
  • How do I obtain a proposal for SIG 9 Global services?
    Thank you for the interest and research you are doing for SIG 9 Global. You can email us at contact@sig9global or call our officer 954-774-1117 to request a proposal for services. We then will need to have a brief call to better understand your needs and requirements to properly plan for your proposal and possible new business venture with our organization. Be safe and well!
  • What type of services does SIG 9 Global provide?
    SIG 9 Global is an Enterprise that can provide professional services for the following but not limited to: Private Investigations; Private Security (Unarmed Officers, Armed Officers, Concierges, Front Desk Security) for Residential, Commerical, Private and Government properties; Executive Protection (National & International); Corporate Trainings (Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, CPR & AED, First Aid, Stop the Bleed, Emergency Medical Responder); Physical Security Site Assessments; Mobile Crisis Unit Assistance/Baker Acts; Various of Consulting Services for LEO, Security, Best Practices, Analysis; Training Academy for Security Training, Weapons/Firearm Training, Active Shooter, CPR & AED, First Aid, Emergency Medical Responder, Florida D Security Course for Licensure, Florida G Security Course for Licensure).
  • How does SIG 9 Global price their services?
    Our services are priced based on Mutiple factors pertaining to the request for services. Examples of the factors can be but not limited to: type of service, reason for improvements, volume of tasks for service scope or job scopes, skills required, work experience, education, licensure requirements for service, liability needs for insurances, locations, hours of operations, supply and demand ratios for workforce in service area, and economic environment of service area.
  • What is the reason that SIG 9 Global's private security services prices may be higher than other security companies?
    Our prices are higher than many of the other security providers, and we do not compete with the lowest bidder that only wish to add billable hours to their portfolio so they can bury their costs in volume and merely staff accounts with the lowest paid and untrained staff in the industry. It is as clear as the cliche yet fundamental saying “you pay for what you get.” Our type of Client should have high expectations which include realistic expectations of assigning commensurate wages and benefits to a professional staff that requires a certain set of skills and requirements to service their needs. This does not include negotiations to arrive to lowest rate by cutting costs and corners as SIG 9 Global already has provided this courtesy to the prospective client by lowering the standard percentage of our company profit, without removing the Management and Leadership resources required to support the services.
  • Does SIG 9 Global require a service agreement for services?
    Yes, all services that will be rendered will require a signed serviced agreement.
  • What type of Private Investigations does SIG 9 Global provide?
    SIG 9 Global has a network of resources that support a large array of private investigations. Some of these types of investigations are but are not limited to: General Investigations, Backgrounds Investigations, Workplace Injury/Worker's Compensation, Computer Forensics, Criminal Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Missing Persons/Location, Financial/Assets, Identity Theft and Process Service, Corporate Investigations. We do not accept request for services for Child Support/Custody Investigations or Infidelity Investigations.
  • Does SIG 9 Global provide temporary Armed or Unarmed security services?
    There are circumstances that SIG 9 Global will accept temporary security services and that request is reviewed individually to make certain we will successfully be able to provide the service. SIG 9 Global typically does not accept temporary security services for non-existing clients. Examples of temporary services that we typically do not accept are private parties, tenting/fumigations, and services that will be less than six consecutive months (as we employ our Team Members for gainful, steady and permanent full-time employment).
  • Does SIG 9 Global provide temporary Executive Protection?
    Yes, SIG 9 Global can provide temporary Executive Protection services with a signed service agreement.
COMPANY LICENSES: A1400108 / B1400180
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